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Welcome to my website where I have tutorials, tech projects, and more! Click a link in the navigation bar to get started.

What is this website?

This website as listed above has tutorials, tech projects, and more. This website is for people interested in programming and computers. I will later be creating robots and will list them on the projects page. This website can be for anyone of any age.

The projects page contains all tech related projects I am currently working on. This includes phyisical hardware (in the future), software I am making, and media projects.
The Articles and Tutorials tab contains all useful things that I have learned about tech that I want to share. That is sort of a blog.
The last tab which is the contact me and FAQ tab currently does not work and is self explanitory (like the other tabs!). You can email me if you have questions or look at already asked questions. NOTICE: Some FAQs may be in the Articles and Tutorials tab.


PC I built and use

I built this PC and use it today (I used it to create this website!).

Program and Code on Monitors Program and Code in Screen Shot

This is a program I wrote based on a tutorial. Find out more in my githib repository